Evernote is a great tool for students. Whether you’re getting a degree in information technology or aspiring to become a professor of potions at the Institute of Wizardry, Evernote makes it easy to organize all your coursework and assignments so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

1. Organize class notes into notebooks

Use Evernote as a digital binder where you can save all your coursework, school info, schedules, and anything else you collect throughout the school term. Start by creating a notebook structure to keep similar notes together. Create separate notebooks for each class. Keep notes from all your class lectures, labs, and group projects in the same notebook.


Multiple notebooks can be grouped together into notebook stacks for extra organization. Create one stack for each school term and add individual course notebooks to it.

2. Scan and search handwritten notes

Scanned whiteboard note with search results

Use the Evernote camera on your phone to snap photos of whiteboards. Once your potion recipes or magical creatures drawings are scanned and saved, Evernote runs images through a character-recognition process so text can become searchable.


Use the pen tool to handwrite or draw directly into Evernote on your phone or tablet. Use the color and highlighter options for emphasis or enhancements.

3. Record audio notes

Available on Evernote for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Make sure you don’t miss any important points. Where permitted, use Evernote on your phone or laptop to record lectures, enchantments, or group discussions to complement your text notes.


Increase your retention by setting reminders to review class notes later.

4. Annotate images and PDFs

Available on Evernote for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Sample note with preview of attached course syllabus PDF

Evernote gives you simple tools to annotate photos taken of potion ingredients, course syllabi, or monthly Society of Magic PDF newsletters saved to Evernote. Add text, arrows, and other shapes to draw attention to important sections on the page.


Use the Evernote camera on your mobile device to scan course outlines, handouts, and other paper documents as PDFs. On your computer, save PDFs and Office docs into Evernote right alongside related class notes.

SAMPLE NOTE: View annotated Course Syllabus PDF sample note

5. Manage assignments with to-do lists and reminders

Sample note with checklist

Class assignments, Quidditch game schedules, and potion prep lists—jot them all down in Evernote. Access your lists on or off campus from any device where you have Evernote.


Share lists with others working on a group project with you. Give everyone edit permissions so they can check off their own completed tasks off a shared list.

SAMPLE NOTE: View sample checklists note

6. Keep online campus and event info in one place

Sample web page saved as a note

Save entire web pages into Evernote using Web Clipper. Keep screenshots, images, and important information from your online student portal in Evernote, alongside other related notes. Save online campus info, class info, and club info as notes. Keep event calendars, library hours, weekly dining menus, and emergency evacuation locations in Evernote.


Enable offline notebook access so notes you reference regularly are available to you even when you’re in the enchanted forest and without an internet connection.